Sober Thoughts

Overdrive Juan

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OverDrive Juan is more known amongst his peers for his debonair wit, lavish personality and divine drive of ambition than for his handsome appearance. This talented PlayBoi is notching his mark with buoyancy; not only in the music arts & entertainment business, but as a music entrepreneur investing in intellectual products. His resonant personality and influencing life-style makes him nothing to be played with!

From kindergarten Juan was a magnet to the young girls in school, always chasing after them after lunch break. Growing up amongst his uncles, he was always quoted as the "young playboi," because of his looks & style but life to Juan was never too sweet due to seeing what his mother went through to raise two children, his sister & himself. If popa was a "rolling stone," well then I guess he lived up to it; when Juan was 7 he didn't know why he had to pack his bags and move from Houston, TX. to Cleveland, OH.; his mother had to move & do what was best. A vicious & turbulent break-up later led to a violent streak with young Juan seeing his father attempt to strangle and kill his mother. By God's blessings his mother survived the venomous vengeance brought on by a man that couldn't take not being wanted by a woman that just wanted better for her children. That day change young Juan in a manner to appreciate & full-fill greatness in a woman & adore her for her inner beauty as much as her outer beauty.

Juan grew up in one of the most crime infested cities in North East Ohio; East Cleveland, a small adjacent suburb of Cleveland, OH. was consistently plagued w/ fights, gangs, & violence. Knowing the outcome of hanging with the fellas, led him to be an independent entrepreneur and a Casanova that always hung out with the ladies, although living a life by a roll of the dice led him to crap out several times. 

"I've always been a sales man; always been a hustler; always been my own investment; large risk, equals a huge reward!" - OverDrive Juan 

Over-standing this concept led Juan to invest in his music, & market himself along with his Overdrive Movement Brand that believes their is No Speed Limit in Life... 0 - 320 in 1 second.

The connotation of developing a music service is what separates Juan from his counterparts of the music business. Growing up listening to the patriarchs of Tupac Shakur, Nas, Jay-Z, UGK, LL Cool J, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane, is what sculptured this talented musician to visualize his music creative content and factual substance.

" I believe the music game is over saturated with musicians that don't develop their craft, a few are willing to "Overdrive." My music represents a consistent growth that shadows my constant change of living a flamboyant playboi lifestyle with an audacious behavior of just being ME; something I believe is lost in the creative process of good music that makes people want to party, jam, & just have fun after a long work day." - OverDrive Juan